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All About Sam

Samuel Pack Elliott
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I created this community for the actor, Sam Elliott.

This is what IMDB.com had to say about him:
Tall, thin, wiry, Elliott is the classic picture of the American cowboy. They only difference would be that he looked old. Elliott began his acting career on the stage and his film debut was a western called 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)'. His appearance was little more than a shadow on the wall, but he made enough of an impression on the co-star that they were soon married. Over the years, there would be few opportunities to act in westerns, but it would be Television that would cast him in "The Sacketts (1979) (TV)", "The Shadow Riders (1982) (TV)" and "The Yellow Rose (1983) (TV)". Over the same time, he would work in non westerns, usually as a tough guy, as in 'Lifeguard (1976)' and 'Road House (1989)'. In the 90's, after getting through 2 questionable films, Elliott was back on the western trail with everything from Brig. General John Buford in the film 'Gettysburg (1993)' to Wild Bill Hickok in the Television series "Buffalo Girls (1995)". In 1991, he wrote the screenplay, and worked with his wife, Katherine Ross, in the Television movie "Conagher (1991) (TV)".